Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson recently found himself under fire for catching the bigot holy ghost while speaking at churches to denounce educators for teaching students about the LGBTQ "filth" community.

James Daniel Edwards IV was arrested and charged with cyberstalking after he created fake fraternity party invitations that said “No blacks.”

The majority opinion found the law violated the equal protection clause of the North Carolina constitution. The opinion also found that Republican lawmakers could not prove that the law would not have been enacted but for the discriminatory factor. Other findings include the measures taken were not sufficiently tailored to address virtually non-existent voter fraud.

It was 1865, the American Civil War was coming to a close. The south was changing rapidly and the confederate chokehold on the south was coming to an end. Former slaves from Edgecombe County in North Carolina fled slave plantations for Union Army encampments.

North Carolina A&T recently hit a historic enrollment milestone.

The decision ends a racist practice that dates back to the end of the Civil War.

After making history as the first Black woman Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of North Carolina, Cheri Beasley has set her sights on the U.S. Senate in hopes to fill the space left by Vice President Kamala Harris, as there are currently no Black women senators.

The Historic Latta Plantation In North Carolina plantation whose controversial Juneteenth event was sympathetic to slave owners without properly recognizing slavery itself has closed its doors after backlash.

North Carolina state's autopsy report for Andrew Brown Jr.'s police killing in Elizabeth City not only contradicts a "false" narrative by law enforcement but also supports claims from his family that he was "executed," lawyers say.

North Carolina A&T State University logged a recording-breaking milestone in terms of fundraising.

Autopsy results for Andrew Brown Jr. found police shot him five times, including "a kill shot to the back of the head" in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Lawyers representing the family of Andrew Brown Jr., a Black man who was shot and killed by Elizabeth City police in North Carolina, said cops were "trying to hide the video" footage from the shooting.