Our Forever First Lady has launched a new health company.

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NBA star Chris Paul is teaming up with the plant-based beverage company Koia to ensure healthy options are present in underserved communities.

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The Salvation Army and the city of Baltimore have opened up a supermarket to make healthy foods more affordable.


A good breakfast gets your energy going for the day. Try these healthier options.


Ready to power up your health with some dark goodies? Try these tips.

The gap also has to do with African-American kids watching more "youth-targeted" networks.


President Obama made history on Friday by becoming the first U.S. sitting president to visit the Hiroshima bomb site in Japan. The city was destroyed 71 years ago by the world’s first atomic bomb, dropped by American forces. Prior to his arrival, a large crowd gathered by the memorial site. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister […]

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Almost a year ago, President Obama announced that his administration would embark on an ambitious initiative he called “My Brother’s Keeper.” The intention was to get communities involved in the lives of young men, particularly those of color, to ensure their positive guidance from “cradle to college.” It was intended to foster support networks where none […]

Warm weather means all kinds of things, including…fire up that grill! And oh, what delicious grilling options there are. Though barbecue overall has a pretty bad rep, there are actually some very healthy benefits to grilling. But it’s all about the choices and the preparation. First Is First… There are a few health rules that […]

You’ve probably already heard that a healthy diet can help reduce a host of diseases and conditions, as well as help improve how your body looks and performs. But now, a new study is singling out one food group in particular as the one that can really help save your life. But…there’s a catch. According […]

It’s World Salt Awareness Week 2014, and this year, the focus is on the need for clear and consistent nutrition labeling – so consumers can make smarter food choices. What is Sodium? “Sodium” and “salt” are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. Sodium is a component of salt and is measured […]