Thousands of protestors gathered outside the White House on Sunday to protest the construction of the Keystone pipeline, a 1,700 mile pipe set to funnel crude oil from Canada to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast. See also: Keystone Pipeline Infographic: ‘Built To Spill’ See also: A girl and her dog in South Africa Arguably, the most […]

NEW YORK — Beyond the crisis in Libya, what’s making energy markets nervous – and driving up oil prices – is concern about Saudi Arabia. Also read: Greatest Blaxploitation soundtracks of all-time

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s chief of staff says the administration is looking at the nation’s oil reserves as it considers options for dealing with the spike in gas prices. Also read: President’s Day: Black Presidents In The Movies

Oil has been found in Ghana, enough to turn the African country into one of the biggest players in natural resources along side Saudi Arabia and the USA. GBC reports: Today marked an important day in the annals of Ghana as it pours its first barrels of oil from the Jubilee wells. Ghana is said […]

Nigeria — Dick Cheney will be charged by Nigerian authorities in a bribery case involving his former employer, Halliburton according to the Huffington Post: An arrest warrant “will be issued and transmitted through Interpol,” said Godwin Obla, the prosecuting counsel at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria. The charges center on an alleged […]

From EbonyJet.com: There are two major concerns coming out of the situation in Haiti these days. One concern is that not enough is being done, or if it is being done than the job is much larger than anyone anticipated. Quietly, however, a new concern is emerging – that there may be other factors when […]