Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk defended Ole Miss student JP Staples, who got kicked out of his frat for making racist monkey noises toward a Black student.

Rep. Mike Collins is under fire for praising racist University of Mississippi students by claiming, "Ole Miss taking care of business."

Ole Miss basketball players kneel during the national anthem.

Good News

University of Mississippi faculty and students are leading an effort to rename their journalism school after Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

Austin Reed Edenfield pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge on Thursday after acknowledging he helped Graeme Phillip Harris and another student place a noose on the neck of the statue in February 2014.

A 61-year-old Mississippi man was arrested and charged with detonating an explosive after he threw a bomb at a Walmart store because the chain stopped selling Confederate Flags.

Bigotry and mass displays of white entitlement have long been calling cards of the state of Mississippi, and the ignorant exhibition of racism that caused over 400 White students to riot in protest of the re-election of President Barack Obama is just more of the same. The modern-day Klan rally began with 20-30 students on […]