Still stinging from the election defeat he refuses to accept as truth, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Eddy Grant handed Trump back-to-back two more Ls within 24 hours of each other after judges' separate rulings.

The current DOJ is still trying to make Omarosa Manigault Newman pay tens of thousands of dollars that Trump's administration first demanded she fork over on a technicality for incomplete paperwork.

Alva Johnson says this video proves she was sexually harassed by Trump.

The woman who once told America to "bow down" to the president is now saying she didn't make enough money working for Trump.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson sent one of President Trump’s most loyal Black supporters Monday to live temporarily in New York City public housing.


The old saying that white people think all Black people look alike reared its ugly head at the New York Times Tuesday morning.

The reality star sat down with Savannah Guthrie.

Kellyanne Conway, one of President Donald Trump’s top advisors, stumbled when asked to name a senior Black staffer in the White House’s West Wing.

Omarosa's book drops on August 14 and she is reportedly spilling all the tea.