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The days of profiting from white supremacist are catching up with Omarosa Manigault Newman. After 15 years of working for Donald Trump, defending his racism and telling America to “bow down,” the scorned former White House staffer is now being sued by the Justice Department.

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According to a civil complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in Washington, D.C., the DOJ claimed she did not file a financial disclosure report after she was fired from the White House, which is required of every employee who leaves a government job. The Justice Department is a demanding as much as a $50,000 penalty against the failed reality star. The White House reportedly gave her several oral and written reminders.

John Phillips, an attorney for Omarosa, said in a statement that the lawsuit was “premature, retaliatory and yet another attempt to silence a dissenting voice.”

He also said Omarosa did not file the report because the White House withheld documents for her to file. It’s not clear what those documents were. The reality star was fired from the White House in December of 2017 even though she originally lied and said she resigned.

This isn’t the only lawsuit Omarosa was dealing with. Last month, she reportedly filed to join the lawsuit of Alva Johnson, a Black former aide for the 2016 Trump election campaign who accused the president of sexual harassment and underpaying women during her time working for him.

Vox reported that in Omarosa’s filed documents she also alleged pay discrimination on the basis of gender. “After nearly 20 years inside the Beltway, working for two White Houses and countless political campaigns, I’ve never witnessed such egregious violations as I did during my time under the leadership of Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” her court documents said.

As for Johnson’s lawsuit, she claimed Trump kissed her without consent and paid her unfairly, as well. Back in February, Johnson said on MSNBC that she “felt reduced to just another object” of Trump’s “unwanted sexual attention” and advances.

“I was just kinda frozen. I didn’t know how to process it,” she explained to Chris Hayes at the time. “I knew it was inappropriate because I worked in human resources. So I knew that it was completely inappropriate,” Johnson continued. “It was gross and creepy. Like I could sometimes still see those lips.”

When asked why she didn’t come forward sooner, she claimed she was under a non-disclosure agreement.

Trump’s team, of course, has denied all allegations.

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