A judge gave disgraced lawyer and convicted extortionist Michael Avenatti the kind of lenient prison sentence that Black defendants who are guilty of doing less rarely if ever receive.

Paul Manafort was sentenced to less time in prison than Crystal Mason.

Fox News launched a “smokescreen campaign” with an anonymous article targeting two judges—including Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson.


More details surrounding ex-Trump campaign officials' possible ties to Russia emerge as former foreign policy adviser Carter Page alluded to possibly being including on Russian email chains.

The first steps to the impeachment of Donald Trump were ironically taken by his former presidential campaign manager — right into FBI headquarters.

U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted calls between Trump aides and Russian intelligence. Contacts happened during the campaign.


The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee is supposed to have the unique and innate ability to “speak off the cuff, even when seemingly uninformed on the topic.”