The 2022 shooting rocked Hampton, Virginia.

A Miami cop was relieved of duty while being investigated for a rough arrest of a Black woman that was caught on video.

Jarvis Randall is the latest in a list of mentally ill African-American men killed by police.

A Florida sheriff refused to pay a jury award of about $25 million.

Chinedu Valentine Okobi's family demands answers surrounding his deadly police tasing.

San Francisco police officers will face a jury for killing Mario Woods.

Philadelphia's DA, in a rare move, charged a police officer for killing a suspect.

Jordan Edwards' family praised the conviction but is displeased with the light sentence.

A Texas jury found an ex-cop guilty of murdering Black teen Jordan Edwards.

Nashville police are defending the white officer who shot and killed a fleeing Black man.

Georgia police forcefully restrain a Black child during an arrest of his father.

A federal jury awarded just a few cents to the family of Gregory Hill in a fatal police shooting.