Civil Rights & Social Justice

Not only are police killings of other Black people traumatic events, but that trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.

Joe Biden delivered a fiery speech in Pennsylvania pushing his plan to "fund the police."

Residents organizing the ethics complaint process encouraged others to contact the city's ethics officer and demand a complete and thorough investigation into Frey's actions. 

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Proposed HB 2319 would make it illegal for individuals to record police officers without their permission and within 15 feet of the officer carrying out an arrest or other duty.

Maxine Waters stood with protestors in Minnesota over the weekend, enraging Republicans who accused her of “domestic terrorism” for saying that people should stay in the streets.

Minnesota sports teams postponed games Monday out of respect for Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Brooklyn Center man killed by police during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Jonathan Smith of the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs will lead the initiative.


The Raleigh Police Department's latest police-involved shooting is on a growing list of others.

The proliferation of Black police chiefs in America has corresponded with the seemingly neverending streak of police killing unarmed Black people. Something's got to give.

If you needed any reminder of the omnipresent danger Black folks continue to be in at the hands of police, just look at the latest developments from the Sandra Bland and Oscar Grant cases.

Crutcher’s family and supporters felt that the defense and police union disparaged Crutcher’s name, and presented the press with reports about the officer's past.

Donald J. Trump’s first month in office ended with at least 105 people killed by police, the highest number of people killed by U.S. police in any one month since 2015.