Shakur is resting in the care of his family and will continue his medical treatment.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

New evidence fuels a petition for a new trial over a controversial 1982 murder conviction.

In some ways, by refusing to release the dying Black leader, federal authorities have effectively converted his "punishment" to a death sentence.

“Acoli must be released because the statutory standards for granting parole have been met, without regard to extraneous factors like sympathy or passion or public opinion," read the court's decision.

Many of those who were once young organizers are now of advanced age, some spending substantial portions of their lives as political prisoners.  

A judge delayed the hearing until August 2018.

Former Black Panther Sekou Odinga and Black Lives Matter activist Larry Fellows may come from different Black liberation movements, but both understand that to truly celebrate Black History Month, we must dig deeper.