Protesters demanded immediate action from federal prison officials for letting inmates go for days without heat.

Disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner could get out of prison early.

Farad Polk spent 32 hours trapped behind bars without food or water.

The Department of Justice announced that it will phase out its use of private prisons. There's no need for them with the declining population of federal prisoners.


Fresh off of her success from ‘Selma,’ director Ava DuVernay is on to her next project. It’s reported that the Los Angeles-bred director will direct and executive produce a drama pilot called “For Justice” for CBS. The pilot will be centered on a woman who is an FBI agent working in the Criminal Section of the […]

Attorney General Eric Holder released a video on the U.S. Department of Justice’s homepage Wednesday demanding the end of excessive solitary confinement for young detainees who suffer with mental illness. Holder warned that the practice of confining the juvenile prisoners can have lasting harm and impair their ability to reintegrate into society upon release. The […]

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Pastor Jamal Bryant talks about the plans for his church, Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore, to take actions against the prison system. “There are over one million black men who are under supervision of the penal system,” he stated. Stay connected on 2013 CBCF Coverage, and tune in to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin this fall on TV One!

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Charles Ogletree detailed the federal prison budget and staggering sentences for non-violent offenders at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus. The Harvard Law School professor not only shared the alarming statistics, but a call to action: “The numbers of people who are in prison is just overwhelming. The numbers who are blacks and browns are overwhelming. […]

Lisa Ling has covered a range of topics on her documentary series “Our America,” from underage sex trafficking to the difficulties of being gay and Christian. Now, the 38-year-old journalist is taking on the issue of black male incarceration. In an episode titled “Incarceration Generation,” Ling will explore the disproportionate number of black men behind […]

In our continuing series focusing on the prison system in America, we bring you a list of the 10 most notorious jails in the country. Many of these prisons on the list are familiar by name to many like Folsom, San Quentin, and ADX in Colorado to name a few. Check out the list below. […]

If you thought slavery or human exploitation was over, think again. Many human rights organizations are condemining what they call human slavery in which Wall Street investors and big companies are investing in the prison industry as they don’t have to worry about strikes, vacations, compensation time or unemployment insurance. They dont have to deal […]

WASHINGTON — An ideologically divided Supreme Court overturned a $14 million judgment given to a former death row inmate who was convicted of murder after New Orleans prosecutors withheld evidence in his trial. Also read: Rihanna Shoots Steamy Video For “California Bed King” Ballad