Donald Trump's lawyer Alina Habba settled a racial discrimination lawsuit brought on by her former secretary.

Fifteen current and former Black employees filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Tesla in California on June 30.

McDonald's is set to pay $33.5 million to Herb Washington, a Black owner of multiple Mickey D's franchises, to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of systemically giving white owners more opportunity to buy restaurants in affluent neighborhoods.

Former Democratic Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones was recently grilled about his anti-white discrimination lawsuit by right-wing podcaster Stew Peters and things got so heated that Peters cut Jones' mic prompting Jones to walk off the set.

Brookline Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly, but not unanimously, to approve the settlement for Gerald Alston, who filed the lawsuit against the town in 2015 citing a voicemail from 2010 he received from his then-commander which contained the N-word.

Ben Crump said he plans to file a racial profiling lawsuit against the California city of Beverly Hills and Captain Scott Dowling of the Beverly Hills Police Department over what is known as “Operation Safe Streets” and “Rodeo Drive Task Force.”

AMC Theaters are set to reopen in California this week even as the company faces a damning racial discrimination lawsuit for profiling and calling the cops on an innocent Black patron.

A popular movie chain is being sued for racially profiling a Black man who its staff called police on after falsely accusing him of sneaking into a theater nearly two years ago in Arizona.

Black and brown corrections officers in Minnesota were forbidden from guarding the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, according to a new racial discrimination lawsuit.

A California Black bus driver filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority.

A racial discrimination complaint was raised.