The actor died of a respiratory illness which disproportionately kills Black people.

Good News

Morehouse College’s Black Men’s Research Institute will examine how the existence of global social and economic disparities shape the lives of Black men.

The recent deadly fires in the Bronx and Philadelphia have placed a spotlight on racial and economic disparities in urban housing and mounting fire-prone risks caused by them.

Residents in one predominately white New York City neighborhood have complained that the local COVID-19 testing and treatment plan prioritizes people along "racial and ethnic" lines, according to a city council member.

A new analysis unveiled staggering disparity in the District's traffic enforcement, with Black and lower-income communities bearing the financial burden for tickets, citations, and associated fees.

Black and Latino youth populations in detention centers grew while white non-Latino youth decreased during the pandemic, a new survey has found.

From disparities in health, education and income, Compton Mayor Aja Brown believes now is the time for government to truly work for the people.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ayanna Pressley send a letter demanding more data collection.


Florida State University’s WhiteCoats4BlackLives group hosted a week-long event that delved into racial disparities in healthcare.