Google’s mixup of Luther Vandross and Master P was ironic since the search engine stouted itself in its own 2023 Diversity Annual Report as meeting “its Racial Equity Commitment."


Subtle racism in medical journals continues to lessen the importance of equitable medical care and health issues for Black and underserved communities.


We can no longer (not that we ever could) afford to operate in a culture of avoidance.

Polls show Republicans are alienating swing voters by pushing to restrict racial equality and LGBTQ lessons from the classroom.

Democrats are still rallying hard for esteemed economist Dr. Lisa Cook to be confirmed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

The tweet paraphrased a line from the article, pointing to a larger issue with the outlet's coverage.

Good News

As part of his $100 million commitment to fight systemic racism, NBA legend Michael Jordan is providing grants for grassroots organizations.


Many Black farmers remain skeptical of Tom Vilsack’s return as USDA secretary but applaud new targeted measures to address their long-ignored concerns.


The Black Dollar Index seeks to provide consumers and communities with information about how corporations are responding to demands for racial equity and justice.


Vaccine distribution is not keeping up with the impact of COVID-19 on Black and other communities of color.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Former Nation Security Adviser Susan Rice's new role as "race czar" comes after the NAACP demanded the Biden-Harris administration create a new position addressing racial justice, equity, and advancement.