A disturbing video has gone viral showing a Vallejo, California police officer beating a man with his fists and flashlight during a brutal takedown on March 10, raising cries of police brutality and excessive force.

The organization also approved legislation regarding how to properly train eyewitnesses in recording police involved shootings using a cell phone; many of the incidents that made national headlines involving Black men and police were captured on a cell phone camera.

In the aftermath of ongoing protests over police-involved shootings of unarmed Black men, the FBI director waded deep into the debate Thursday, urging law enforcement to examine its strained relationship with communities of color. In the most “significant remarks ever made by an FBI director about race and law enforcement,” Politico reports that James B. […]


On Wednesday, Loretta E. Lynch (pictured), the nominee to replace outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, defended the legality of President Barack Obama’s immigration policy at the start of a confirmation hearing, where the new Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee pledged to ask tough questions, the New York Times writes. RELATED: President Nominates Loretta Lynch For […]