Dave Roetman is no longer the North Dakota Republican Party Executive Director.

Black Republicans supported Cindy Hyde-Smith over Mike Espy.

Mississippi’s incumbent Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith was expected to square off Tuesday night against her Democratic rival Mike Espy on the debate stage.

Senate candidate Corey Stewart's aide Rick Shaftan is under fire for a series of racists social media posts.

Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted a graphic with inaccurate statistics about 2015 murder rates in the United States.

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court nominee withdrew his name for the seat Monday after coming under fire for a racially insensitive 2013 Facebook image he forwarded to colleagues, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Republican Judge Thomas K. Kistler (pictured), president judge in Centre County since 2012, was nominated late last year by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf […]

So… we noticed that the posting of First Lady Michelle Obama’s get-out-the-vote interview with NewsOne Now was getting traffic from a small, but growing number of right-wing blogs. Were they really interested in her message of how voting affects policy, and the “team” that the president has to work with in Congress? Nah. This brief, light-hearted exchange just […]

During President Barack Obama’s historic rise from state Senator to the highest office in the land, he has endured relentless disrespect from his various critics on both sides of the aisle. However, nothing from the pundits and other talking heads have come close to crossing the line on the level of elected officials who represent […]

Fox News Fox News’ news-aggregation website, Fox Nation, made an odd and many say “race-baiting” editorial decision Friday when it splashed a story about Obama’s birthday over its homepage with the headline “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs” and a photo of Obama next to three black celebrities who attended. The report, which aggregated a […]

MSNBC analyst and former GOP presidential candidate said yesterday that he didnt mean to slur President Obama with his “your boy” comment on the Al Sharpton show. Both Sharpton and Obama were discussing the president’s strengths when he told Sharpton that “your boy” has caved in on political negotiations before. “My what?” Sharpton responded. “My […]

DENVER – Rep. Doug Lamborn’s office says the Colorado Republican regrets any misunderstanding over his comments on a Denver-based radio show. Lamborn spoke to KHOW-AM Friday. He was responding to comments about whom voters would hold responsible for actions on the nation’s debt ceiling when he said he thought voters would blame the president. Lamborn […]

GOP Representative Doug Lamborn from Colorado decided to stir the racial fire in the recent debate over the debt crisis this past weekend. In his remarks about President Obama, Rep. Lamborn said that being associated with President Obama is “like touching a tar baby.” Lamborn’s remarks (which are in the audio here) came as he […]