The Jarawa tribe, 400 members strong, live in the reserve lush forests of South Andamans in the Indian Ocean. The Jarawa people lived successfully on their island without contact with outsiders for probably about 55,000 years until 1998. Since then, many have left their forest to settle in nearby towns and settlements. Now there are […]

Raunchy rap icon Luther Campbell offers a damning assessment of the leading Republican presidential nominees in a recent column for the Miami New Times. The former 2 Live Crew frontman writes that he’s dismayed at today’s candidates from the party of Abraham Lincoln, a party that he says once “stood up for African-Americans.” RELATED: Is […]

What is up with Republicans and welfare? SEE ALSO: Crazy Celebrity Gifts GOP Candidates Go To NH First, it was Rick Santorum who said he didn’t want to help blacks with welfare. Now it’s Newt Gingrich‘s turn to alienate African Americans, TheGrio reports. Slate journalist Dave Weigel tweeted that Gingrich told an audience in New […]

Missouri State University is apologizing after its band performed “Dixie,” a song that originated in the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s, at a site where three black men were lynched in 1906. SEE ALSO: 30 Percent Of Americans Arrested By Age 23

WASHINGTON — A black former Defense Department worker has filed a discrimination lawsuit alleging her complaints about workplace harassment prompted one of her supervisors to hang a stuffed ape from a noose across from her desk. SEE ALSO: Top #worstbookever Tweets That Hate On Classic Books

WASHINGTON — Young people immersed in the online world are encountering racist and sexist slurs and other name-calling that probably would appall their parents and teachers. And most consider it no big deal, a new poll says. Teens and twentysomethings say in an Associated Press-MTV poll that people feel freer to use hurtful language when […]

Officials at Akron University recently issued a campus wide email instructing Black male students to “cooperate” with police officers, after a string of robberies that are suspected to have been done by African-American males who don’t attend the college. The email instructs Black male students to identify themselves as students, and cooperate with the police […]

JENA, La. — This small Louisiana town doesn’t look much different than it did five years ago: The same small businesses open their doors six days a week, except for Sundays, when most people head to Jena’s many churches. The upcoming high school football season is the main topic of conversation. Things have mostly gotten […]

Vogue Italia has apologized for posting a fashion editorial on large metallic hoop earrings that they described as “Slave Earrings” after protests from consumers. They’ve replaced the description with “Ethnic Earrings,” and maintain that it was a mistake due to an improper translation. TheRoot.com reports: We apologise for the inconvenience. It is a matter of […]

The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of a black man who Mississippi authorities say was intentionally run down by a white teenager in a pickup truck. Deborah Madden, an FBI spokeswoman in Mississippi, said Wednesday that the bureau is investigating the June 26 death of James Craig Anderson. Madden said […]

Community leaders from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and local businesses in Fort Worth, Texas are unhappy with the name of a local food-mart titled “Da Hood Food Mart.” “The name is insulting to our African-American heritage and the over-saturation of these types of establishments within the economically disadvantaged communities is simply a continuation of […]

OWENSBORO, Kentuck — Bob Howe points to an overgrown, muddy patch of land in a cemetery in Owensboro, gesturing to where the grave of the last man publicly executed in the United States may be. “I think it was over there,” said Howe, an 81-year-old lifelong Owensboro resident and retired county coroner. “I used to […]