There seems to be a war of some sorts going on between white supremacist hackers and African American and Hip Hop websites. Earlier today a hacker spammed the words “white power” all over the social networking site, Blackplanet.

The racism and hatred of the McCain/Palin hate mob rallies have reached a new low. During a recent campaign stop in Iowa, a participant yelled loudly ‘He’s an (n-word).’ Although it was clearly audible to TV cameras and crews, Palin did not address the racist epithet. Watch the Video After the Jump

The Obama campaign has faced racism down with competence and transcendence. Unfortunately, as Barack Obama and his supporters have capably defiled anyone using old-hat racist themes to evoke Confederacy Era paranoia, there have been snickering bigots waiting in the fold with one image after another designed to poke fun at his identity. Ta-Nehisi Coates commented […]

Damn, these videos keep popping up. This is the first one that I’ve seen where Obama has been called the N-Word. Who is fueling their anger and ideas? McCain and Palin? Right wing talk radio? Is McCain now openly courting the racist vote?

In her acceptance speech at the RNC, Palin quoted Westbook Pegler, when she said ‘We grow good people in those small towns with honesty and sincerity and dignity.’ She didn’t give the name of the writer however, perhaps for good reason. Westbrook Pegler attacked Roosevelt’s progressive policies that led the US out of depression and […]