The nearly 3-year-old blackface scandal surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has resurfaced as the state's Democratic and Republican gubernatorial nominees court Black voters ahead of next week's election. It's not a good look for Terry McAuliffe or Glenn Youngkin.

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus sends a letter to Governor Ralph Northam.

After being embroiled in ugly accusations over the last year surrounding a sex scandal, Virginia's Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax has announced that he intends to launch his own gubernatorial bid.

Gov. Ralph Northam and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax appeared together in public for the first time in many months to pitch gun control in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting.

An “investigation” into Ralph Northam's blackface medical school yearbook photo couldn't prove if the Virginia governor was actually pictured in the racist image.

Gov. Ralph Northam canceled his appearance at a fundraiser after demonstrators showed up to protest his blackface scandal.

The governor is campaigning for Democrats In Virginia.

Gov. Ralph Northam is trying to appease Black voters instead of launching his promised blackface apology tour.

Gov. Ralph Northam signs legislation to establish an African-American advisory board.

Eastern Virginia Medical School is famous for publishing racist photos in their yearbook.

Some Virginia Black lawmakers said they want to see a serious effort at racial reconciliation from Gov. Ralph Northam.

Just one month ago, there was widespread demand for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign for having worn blackface. But now that storm seems to have passed.