Randall Kerrick, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who gunned down Jonathan Ferrell while the unarmed man was seeking help following a car accident on September 14, 2013, will not face retrial, the New York Daily News reports. A jury deadlocked 8-4 last week on deciding whether or not to find Kerrick guilty of voluntary manslaughter, subsequently, […]


Moses Wilson, 67, the only Black man on a jury that deadlocked on a verdict in the Randall Kerrick trial, said that Jonathan Ferrell did not deserve to die, and he was one of four jurors who voted to convict the police officer who shot him 10 times that fatal night in September of 2013. RELATED: Mistrial […]

A mistrial has been declared in the case of the White North Carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Black man in 2013.

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has stopped paying the  civil defense legal fees of Randall ‘Wes’ Kerrick, 28, the police officer charged with voluntary manslaughter in the September 14, 2013 shooting death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell, reports RELATED: Former Cop Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Jonathan Ferrell As previously reported by NewsOne, Ferrell, a former Florida […]

A week ago, I saw a flier in my Harlem barbershop about a rally to mark the two-year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of vigilante and village idiot, George Zimmerman. I’d love to sit here and say that I immediately studied it with plans to head downtown in memoriam today. Instead, I […]

A North Carolina grand jury indicted Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall Kerrick on voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting death of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell, just days after a partial grand jury  refused to do so, reports WXII12. RELATED: UPDATE: No Drugs, Alcohol In Jonathan Ferrell’s System When He Was Slain By Police Officer VIDEO] NC Officer Not Indicted […]

A partial grand jury in North Carolina decided not to indict police officer Randall Kerrick, 27, for the September 14, 2013 shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell, 24, reports the Huffington Post. As previously reported by NewsOne, Ferrell, a former Florida A&M football player who had recently moved to North Carolina to be with his fiancee, […]


Prosecutors will seek an indictment against Randall Kerrick, 27, the North Carolina police officer accused of fatally shooting Jonathan Ferrell, 24, who was unarmed when he approached Kerrick for help after a car accident on the night of September 14, 2013, reports the Chicago Tribune. RELATED:  NC Cop Fatally Shoots Unarmed Wreck Victim, Charged With Manslaughter [VIDEO] […]

UPDATE: 11/2/13, 2: 34 P.M. EST The results of Jonathan Ferrell‘s toxicology report show that the unarmed man was not under the influence of alcohol or any drugs when he was gunned down by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Randall Kerrick on September 14, 2013. RELATED: Renisha McBride’s Parents Hold Press Conference [VIDEO] The autopsy report concluded that cause […]