WASHINGTON — The House is close to deciding whether one of its most senior veterans, Charles Rangel of New York, should have to stand in front of his colleagues and be censured for ethical misconduct.

Harlem — Last week, he stormed out of a crucial hearing in Washington and nearly broke down when he was found guilty of ethical violations involving his finances and fund-raising.

WASHINGTON — The House ethics committee’s chief counsel recommended Thursday that veteran Rep. Charles Rangel be censured for financial and fundraising misconduct as lawmakers neared closure on an embarassing 2 1/2-year-long scandal.

Below is a video shot by the Huffington Post in Rep. Charles Rangel’s Harlem District. Many of the Harlem residents in this video believe that Rangel should be let off the hook for his ethics violations. Do you agree with Rangel’s constituents or do you think he deserves everything that is coming his way? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/video/video_3543.html?1290055633 […]

Roland Martin appears in The Situation Room with Leslie Sanchez and host Wolf Blitzer to discuss Charles Rangel being found guilty by a House subcommittee for ethics violations.

WASHINGTON — It took House investigators 2 1/2 years and a jury of congressional peers two days to conclude Rep. Charles Rangel of New York violated House rules.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An eight-member House ethics panel found Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel in violation of 11 congressional rules.

Washington (Politico)– It has been a tough morning for Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), who walked out of his ethics trial earlier when he wasn’t allowed to more time to get a lawyer.

Washington (NYT)– The House ethics committee ruled on Monday that there was evidence to support 13 counts of misconduct by Representative Charles B. Rangel, and began considering whether to formally convict and recommend punishment against him.

Update 3:30 P.M: Washington (NYTimes)– Members of the House ethics committee began deliberating charges Monday that Representative Charles B. Rangel violated Congressional rules, after an unusual public hearing that was abbreviated by the longtime congressman’s dramatic exit from the proceedings. Mr. Rangel, who appeared at the inquiry alone, stunned the packed hearing room by walking […]