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Rapper Sexyy Red Wants Trump ‘Back In Office,’ Credits Stimulus Checks, Pardons: ‘We Need People Like Him’


Rapper Sexyy Red had glowing words about former President Donald Trump during a new interview in which she suggested Black people “love” him because of the “free money” from pandemic stimulus checks and his prison sentence commutations and pardons.

The “SkeeYee” hit-maker’s appearance on an episode of the “This Past Weekend” podcast released on Tuesday offered the latest apparent evidence of Trump making inroads with high-profile members of the hip-hop community.

When asked whether she thought more people would support Trump, Sexyy Red suggested that she and people in inner-city communities not only support him but also don’t believe he harbors any racial animosity.

“I like Trump,” the rapper responded before adding later that “they support him in the ‘hood.”

He said that “at first” that wasn’t the case and “they thought he was racist” and sexist for “saying little shit … against women.

“But,” she continued, “once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people they free money – aw, baby, we love Trump, we need him back in office.”

Iowa v Penn State

Sexyy Red poses for a photo outside the stadium before the game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Iowa Hawkeyes at Beaver Stadium on September 23, 2023, in State College, Pennsylvania. | Source: Scott Taetsch / Getty

Instead of correcting Sexyy Red’s analysis of the government’s direct payments to most taxpayers via the COVID-19 economic stimulus package legislation during record unemployment, the host agreed with her.

“A little bit of free money goes a long way,” Theo Von said, prompting Sexyy Red to keep gushing over Trump.

“We need him back, ‘cause them checks? Oooh, yeah, them stimulus checks,” she said. “Trump, we miss you.”

Sexyy Red then pointed out how Trump is “funny” and amuses her by speaking disrespectfully to people, especially when he is “calling people fat,” she chuckled.

Finally, in case there was any confusion about how Sexyy Red truly feels about Trump, she said plainly: “We need people like him.”

Watch the exchange below.


Sexyy Red’s comments about Trump came nearly a month after the former president claimed without proof that polling showed his support among Black people has quadrupled or even quintupled since his mugshot was made public following a series of arrests this year.

However, data released weeks later by the Pew Research Center showed that Trump’s support among Black people had risen substantially since the 2020 election and stood at around 20%

One of the several ironies to Sexyy Red’s comments about Trump is, of course, that he has all but made it his mission to disrespect Black women in particular.

He has continued that mission this week in no uncertain terms during his civil fraud trial by launching attacks on New York Attorney General Letitia James, the prosecutor who last year sued Trump and his children in a $250 million lawsuit for “intentional and deliberate fraud” stemming from allegations they falsely inflated the value of the Trump Organization company over the course of a decade.

But never mind the facts, as Sexyy Red is simply the latest rapper to offer kind words for Trump. The rapper formerly known as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Ice Cube notwithstanding, a growing number of rappers have responded to Trump’s criminal indictments with a “wave of endorsements,” as the New York Post put it.

In April, rapper Swae Lee of the award-winning hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd praised Trump for pardoning rappers and said the former president is “tapped in” for freeing rapper Kodak Black and pardoning Lil Wayne.

He said he’d “definitely go with Trump over Biden for sure” in the 2024 election if the two square off again.

This is America.


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