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There is nothing more innovative, daring and entertaining than a drag queen — in fact, the only artists who come close to adopting the flair, personas and monikers of drag artists are rappers. Just like a drag queen, when a rapper chooses a name, it’s a special moment in their career. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drag queens and rappers have names with similar flair. Check out our list of rappers whose names ring like a fearless drag queen — and let’s hope no one’s masculinity gets offended! Being a compared to a drag is truly a compliment — and that is, seriously, no shade.

13 Rappers Whose Names Sound Like Drag Queens  was originally published on

1. Krispy Kreme

Yes, there is a rapper named Krispy Kreme, There are so many places we could go with this, but will let your imagine run wild on the power of Krispy Kreme drag queen.

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