There is no Senate version of Pressley, Coleman, Lee or Rep. Cori Bush to share their voice and experience as Black women grappling with these issues.


While it is expected that the MORE Act will not pass the Senate, it is another example of why expanding the majority is essential for Democrats looking to move important legislation forward.  

The panel will focus on the history and progress of movements for racial justice, with particular attention to the topic of reparations.  

The new film comes ahead of the 20th anniversary of Lee's bold stance as the lone vote in the House of Representatives against a blank check authorizing the war in Afghanistan.


Black members of Congress brought the heat as the House voted to impeach a sitting president for the second time in one term.

In his latest push for criminal justice reform, President Barack Obama on Monday will introduce new efforts to rehabilitate the formerly incarcerated, one of which includes banning the checkbox on employment applications that asks if a potential employee has ever been convicted of a crime.


There are 45 million Americans living in poverty in the United States. And as many of us know, poverty is not color blind. During this week’s Congressional Black Caucus Message to America, Rep. Barbara Lee addressed the nation’s ongoing struggle against poverty. She quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1968 Two Americas Speech, saying, “One […]