Was the woman posing on stage with Tim Scott after the GOP presidential debate in Miami the South Carolina Senator's girlfriend?

Tim Scott said during the second GOP presidential debate that slavery wasn't as "hard to survive" for Black families as LBJ's "Great Society" welfare program.


South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott debuted a beard during the second Republican debate, sparking homophobic reactions amid GOP-led questions about his "girlfriend."

Republicans are apparently more concerned with Tim Scott's marital status than the issues.


As Republicans struggle to gain the support of minority voters, their first debate featured a chorus of dog whistling on issues of race.

The upstart political candidate decided to co-opt a famous Barack Obama quote to relate to the audience at the first Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night.

Here's our official Republican presidential primary debate Bingo card for you to fill out during the debate to help keep us all entertained!


He said "the rules of the game were rigged." Sound familiar?

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Though full of zingers, one-liners, fireworks, fiery rhetoric, and vitriol, Martin and his panel sought to make sense and find substance in the previous night's political slugfest.

At Tuesday's fourth GOP debate, Donald Trump and Ben Carson said the problem is that entry-level wages are too high.

Fox Business Network and The Wall Street Journal will host the fourth debate live in Milwaukee with eight candidates at 9 p.m. ET.

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) said it's up to the Democratic Party and faith leaders to fight for social and racial justice.