Good News

Morehouse School of Medicine has launched a research initiative centered on the Black maternal health crisis.

The family of former NFL star Vincent Jackson donated his brain as part of an effort to determine whether he suffered from CTE, also known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Good News

Aretha Franklin’s estate is backing a fund for pancreatic cancer research.

Police Brutality

News stories in recent week have directed the public’s attention toward the issues of police brutality and domestic violence. It’s perhaps natural then that researchers are looking into the intersection of the two with, some would say, shocking results. It turns out that rates of domestic violence are two to four times higher in the law-enforcement […]


CHICAGO (AP) — A professor whose research is helping a California police department improve its strained relationship with the black community and a lawyer who advocates for victims of domestic abuse are among the 21 winners of this year’s MacArthur Foundation “genius grants.” The Chicago-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced on Wednesday […]


Another day, another study on dating and marriage for black women. The latest wave of research has come from online dating sites, which has analyzed the dating habits and behaviors of folks on some of the most popular sites. Well, eHarmony recently released data that reveals something new about the dating behavior of black women: They […]


What you see above is a map of Detroit. The small colorful dots represent people, plotted to show where they live and their race. Whites are represented by blue dots, Blacks with green dots, Asians with red and Latinos with orange. All others are represented using the color brown. Again, what you see is Detroit, but also […]


Unemployed Blacks More Resilient During Job Search than Whites The so-called recovery of the US economy has not been equally kind to everyone. Even as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 6.3% last month, the unemployment rate for African Americans, coming in at 11.5%, is currently more than twice as high as that for white Americans. Last month, […]


News research from the Wes Coast finds that drivers show a clear racial bias against black pedestrians, failing to yield for them at crosswalks. Seems like a minor racial microagression? Well, the researchers suggest that this treatment of black pedestrians might lead to fatalities. The Oregonian reports: Conducted in downtown Portland, the joint Portland State University and […]

NewsOne Now

Millennials are America’s future, but are they ready to take the baton of leadership? Well, new research from Pew uncovers some interesting characteristics of millennials that might help answer that question. The New York Post reports. According to a Pew survey this month, half of millennials — people ranging from 18 to 33 years in […]

Eat well, watch your weight, do self-exams once a month and get regular mammograms – these are the well-known basics for detecting and surviving breast cancer. But according to a new study, there’s something else that needs to be added to that list. Research was recently presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Glasgow, […]

A new study has found that listening to mainstream rock music from artists such as Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes made white students more apt to look out for the interests of other whites rather those of blacks and Latinos. SEE ALSO: China’s Female Tycoons However, white students who listened to Top 40 pop […]