Disneyland Resort announced the opening date of Tiana’s Palace restaurant in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

Houston's popular Turkey Leg Hut restaurant is facing a seven-figure lawsuit over an unpaid balance with US Foods. It previously faced backlash due to a controversial dress code.

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Kevin Hart is opening two plant-based eateries in Los Angeles.

The topic of respectability politics arose again this weekend after Turkey Leg Hut, a popular soul food restaurant in Houston, Texas, unveiled a dress code policy that spurred anti-Black accusations aimed at Black patrons.

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Customer says the manager did nothing to defend a Black woman getting kicked out.

An African-American waitress received an inspiring note from three White male customers during inauguration weekend in Washington, D.C. The message included the words "not race, not gender, just American."


Officials in Nairobi, Kenya have closed a Chinese restaurant that reportedly banned African patrons after 5 p.m., reports the Daily Nation. The restaurant, named Chinese Restaurant, in Nairobi’s Kilimani residential section reportedly failed to obtain a liquor license, a health inspection license, or a license for change of use, having been converted from a house […]

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