America's Wealth Coach Deborah Owens shares a few tips that will help you get fiscally ready for the new year.

Deborah Owens dropped by the set of NewsOne Now to share a few investment strategies so you can maximize your retirement savings.

In today’s economy, there are an increasing number of individuals stepping out into the non-traditional workforce and making a great living freelancing, working on short contracts, and/or being paid hourly wages for a gig. According to the New York Times, the number of Americans participating in the independent, or “gig economy,” grew by 9.5 million between the […]

Owens joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share seven tips that will help you build a million dollar 401k plan and retire in financial security.

Many of us never really think about our retirement, but in actuality, we really should think about saving for the “golden years” all the time. There are many individuals who do not have enough money to retire and live the “right kind of retirement,” where they do not have to constantly worry about running out […]

Financial guru Deborah Owens joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to share how you can prepare for retirement and ride off into the sunset in style. Owens explained that African Americans are retiring sooner with less. She also highlighted that contribution limits on many retirement plans are being increased this year, but Blacks are not contributing […]

Financial guru Deborah Owens details how couples can save for retirement together and how to keep communication flowing in their relationships with The Three C’s:  Communication, Collaboration and Control. Did you know less than one-half (45%) of couples agree that day-to-day financial decisions are made jointly and only 43% of couples report making investment decisions for retirement jointly. Owens […]

3 Things That Prevent Us From Building Wealth Financial guru Deborah Owens outlines the three major financial pitfalls that prevent most Americans from building wealth. Here’s a hint: they all have to do with living beyond your means. Watch to find out what they are. Here’s Why ONLY Saving Won’t Help You Retire Did you know that […]