I hated the way Reverend Jeremiah Wright was treated during the 2008 presidential campaign. Republicans used him as another means of fueling White racial fears that then Sen. Barack Obama was some militant Black man who, if elected, would force every White person to pledge allegiance to Bad Boy Records, start eating scrapple and be […]

In a desperate attempt to get traction for their flailing candidate Mitt Romney, a conservative website resurfaced a five-year-old video of President Barack Obama praising his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Unfortunately for the right, the fact that the video was re-released to the public says more about the mind-set of some conservatives than the […]

Rev. Jeremiah Wright (pictured), the former spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama, made headlines over the weekend for delivering an angry sermon just a scant few miles from the White House. SEE ALSO: Is The Internet Driving Us Crazy? Speaking at the Florida Avenue Baptist Church on Sunday, Rev. Wright once again aimed harsh words […]

The New York Times claimed that there was a conservative billionaire out there who believes he has discovered the master plan to help Mitt Romney defeat President Obama this November. Supposedly, Joe Ricketts (picture), the founder of the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade and Chicago Cubs owner, thought the secret to defeating Obama was by bringing up […]