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The acquittal of four officers recorded on video savagely beating the unarmed Black driver sparked days of unrest in Los Angeles.

Police officers beat Le’Keian Woods in Florida.

Despite countless incidents in the intervening 30 years, police accountability continues to be sidelined in favor of unchecked funding increases.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots and the past can still teach us lessons. Here are five important facts about the ‘Rodney King Riots’.

George Holliday, the man who filmed the beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles on March 3, 1991, has died from COVID-19.

The anniversary of Rodney King's beating drew attention to how the culture of police brutality in Los Angeles, in particular, has seemingly gone unchecked since the horrific video went viral in 1991.

Roland Martin interviews two Oscar winners who directed an upcoming documentary that seemingly puts viewers in the midst of the L.A. riots in 1992.

The Lost Tapes: L.A. Riots also shares previously unreleased footage across various methods, including fire department dispatch calls, photos, home videos, and LAPD tapes.


The couple was spotted walking hand-in-hand on a date in London.


Stacey Koon, the Los Angeles cop who was involved in the notorious beating of the late Rodney King back in 1990, was seen driving a limo, according to TMZ. (Click on the link to see video of Koon driving a limo) The entertainment site reports that an independent photographer caught Koon driving a limo for Music […]

Nearly two months after police brutality victim Rodney King (pictured) reportedly died at the bottom of a pool in Rialto, Calif., his death report has been released. The report indicates that King had several drugs as well as alcohol in his system at the time of his untimely demise, according to TMZ. RELATED: Rodney King […]

Since Rodney King‘s (pictured) unexpected death over the weekend, after being found dead in his pool, some of his friends are now questioning fiancée Cynthia Kelley‘s (pictured) account to police, reports TMZ. RELATED: Rodney King Dead At 47 According to a few of King’s friends, Kelley’s story about what actually happened to King has changed since she began […]