Some legal and political experts believe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is losing popularity in Florida and as a presidential candidate.

Race Matters

Dr. Joseph Ladapo was giving "Django" vibes.

A federal judge in Florida ruled that the state's congressional map violated Florida's Constitution by diminishing the Black vote.

A group of racist Nazis marched through the streets of Central Florida over the weekend, and Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t said a word. 

The Jacksonville shooting is a direct result of the governor's "Stop W.O.K.E." ideology.

With or without the boos, Ron DeSantis shouldn't have even shown up at the vigil in Jacksonville to honor the victims of the racist mass shooting.

The mass shooting was the latest instance of anti-Black, white supremacist violence in the polarizing state of Florida that has been increasingly hostile to African Americans.

Despite Ron DeSantis preaching anti-wokeness - or maybe because of it - the Republican presidential candidate's numbers are plunging nonstop. Coincidence or nah?

It’s not looking good Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis after recent polls suggest the American public isn’t sold on either one of these men.

In an example of "cancel culture" hypocrisy, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who opposes Black history being taught in schools, is mad Jason Aldean's lynch-happy music video has been dropped.


Ron DeSantis allegedly "hates" his wife Casey's new nicknames, including the most recent one of "Karen DeSantis." He reportedly claimed "we wear criticism from MSNBC as a badge of honor.”