The Texas attorney general literally "ran" from doing his job when being served a subpoena.

The U.S. Department of Justice is defending its decision to offer a plea deal to the convicted murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, but an attorney representing the deceased jogger's family is pushing back on the feds' narrative.

Civil rights attorney and Texas attorney general candidate Lee Merritt is seeking donations to help Shaun King pay for moving from his home exposed by a right-wing tabloid. But there is lingering scrutiny of anything having to do with King and fundraising.

Months after announcing his intentions to run for Texas attorney general, civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt is making good on his promise and officially launched his campaign to be the Lone Star State's top cop.


Texas attorney general candidate S. Lee Merritt rose to prominence in part by representing families who lost loved ones as a result of high-profile police killings including Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth and Botham Jean in Dallas

Marvin David Scott III, a 26-year-old Texas man, died last week after cops attempted to restrain him, using pepper spray and a spit hood.

Patrick Warren Sr. was Tasered and shot to death after a police officer responded to his family's attempt to contact mental health professionals because they noticed his behavior changing at their home in Killeen, Texas.

Damian Daniels was a military veteran who was shot twice in the chest in front of his newly purchased home in Bexar County, Texas, after cops were dispatched there to perform a wellness check.

William Bryan, the man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery's modern-day lynching, was denied bail as he and the other two suspected white supremacists involved in the vigilante Georgia shooting all pleaded not guilty to murder.

William Roddie Bryan gives an interview with his fiancée.

William “Roddie” Bryan is up for question after a graphic video of the incident sparks outrage.

Atatiana Jefferson was set to be buried one week after a Fort Worth police officer gunner her down in her own home.