The memorial is in the same Cleveland park where a cop killed the 12-year-old.

Timothy Loehmann has withdrawn his application to the Tioga Borough Police Department less than 24 hours after a photo went viral showing him being sworn in at the rural Pennsylvania town.

The Ohio Supreme Court's ruling to reject Loehmann's appeal advocating for his reinstatement to the force upheld the city of Cleveland's termination decision from 2017.

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Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice's mother, used no uncertain terms when addressing Shaun King in a recent social media post that called him out for sharing the details of a recent conversation they had on his podcast.

The activist addressed the claims of Tamir Rice's mother Samaria, after she accused Mallory and other movement leaders of financially profiting off her pain.

Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, unleashed a series of social media posts aimed at prominent social justice activists including Tamika Mallory and Ben Crump, who she accused of "ambulance chasing," among other things.


Nearly six years have gone by since 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a police officer in Cleveland.

The Tamir Rice Foundation is launching the 4x4 Anniversary campaign today.

Cleveland settles wrongful death lawsuit with Tamir Rice's family for $6 million. But the city does not admit to wrongdoing.

Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, declines to endorse a presidential candidate. Rice explained in a post that none of the solutions she's seen incorporates community input.

The child's estate owes $500 for "emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense."