A well-respected expert in election administration and voting rights, Ms. Helen Butler, testified at Monday's Senate hearing about her removal from the Morgan County Board of Elections and the repercussions of Republican attempts to assert partisan control over election administration.

Georgia's governor recently made his case for a second term in a sit-down with the Associated Press, but his record reveals major failures in putting Georgians first in the past year alone.

Not burdened by respectability politics and rules of decorum, lawmakers like Park Cannon, Angie Nixon, Travaris McCurdy, and Michele K. Rayner-Goolsby center equity injustice and are fighting to protect democracy.

After facing threats of a boycott, Delta Air Lines' CEO Ed Bastain reversed his praise of Georgia's controversial new law restricting voting access expected to disproportionately affect Black and brown communities.

Groups are fighting back to protect the rights of Black and disenfranchised Georgia voters in a set of lawsuits filed after the signage of SB 202.

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian praised Georgia's new voter suppression laws with a statement that sounded like it could have been written in coordination with Gov. Brian Kemp’s team.

Cliff Albright, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, said the most troubling parts of SB 202 are the provisions diluting Georgia's secretary of state’s power and allowing local county boards to take over an election.