Secret Service

U.S. Secret Service men aren’t the only guardians of our great country who like to be, how shall we say it, serviced! SEE ALSO: Smiley, West Still Fight For The Poor News broke today that three marines and an embassy official hired prostitutes they met in a night club in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia […]

On Tuesday it was disclosed by officials that at least 20 women — some agents admitted to them being prostitutes — were partying with at least 11 Secret Service agents and military personnel before President Barack Obama arrived in Colombia for a summit with Latin American leaders. Now a hotel employee is claiming that cocaine […]

WASHINGTON — A homeless man was in custody Tuesday night after climbing over the White House fence, the Secret Service said. The man was immediately captured by uniformed Secret Service agents, who guard the complex around the clock, said agency spokesman Ed Donovan. He had a backpack that Donovan said was being examined for possible […]