Race Matters

Scott Adams urged an "escape" via segregation.

Race Matters

The post office had signs for "White" and "Colored" entrances. Residents want it open.

Good News

Russell Westbrook is creating a documentary about trailblazing Black basketball players who competed before the NBA's racial integration.

Claudette Colvin, 82, had been on probation since 1955 after she was arrested for refusing to sit on the back of a segregated bus in Alabama. An Alabama judge has finally expunged her arrest record.


American diversity is in the spotlight as racial discrimination in the United States reemerges as a major topic of public discussion, touching everything from education to housing to policing.

Black and brown corrections officers in Minnesota were forbidden from guarding the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, according to a new racial discrimination lawsuit.

Lindsey Graham recalled segregation as "the good old days" while disingenuously trying to show that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett wouldn't work to reverse landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

The African American community in Milwaukee County has been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. All eight people there who died of complications from the coronavirus were Black.

Ben Carson is putting a new spin on Donald Trump's infamous presidential campaign slogan. The HUD secretary wants to make, and keep, America segregated again, according to the agency's latest proposed rule.

The small Alabama city of Gardendale that once seceded from a multiracial school district to start its own segregated all-white district was ordered to pay the NAACP $850,000 in legal fees and expenses for the Black student plaintiffs.


The majority of black Americans live in predominately black neighborhoods that are "racially isolated."


Summers often bring a wave of childhood memories: lounging poolside, trips to the local amusement park, languid, steamy days at the beach. These nostalgic recollections, however, aren’t held by all Americans.