NewsOne remembers unsung heroes of color who stood on the front lines during the 9/11 terror attacks that shifted the trajectory of an entire country.

A viral video of a speech Rudy Giuliani gave during a dinner commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks suggests he may have had too much to drink or even be drunk -- very drunk, in fact.

As another year of commemoration goes by and more ‘Never forget’ messages are posted, we shouldn’t forget that part of the legacy that continues to inflict unbalanced attacks on Black and other communities experiencing injustice. The trauma and horror felt 20 years ago cannot be used to justify turning a blind eye to the ongoing attacks that target people in the present.  

We have proof Trump lied to Americans about the true threat of COVID-19, but don't forget when he also lied about his non-existent heroism surrounding the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

The Sept. 11 terror attacks effectively erased from the mainstream media’s collective consciousness Rudy Giuliani’s existence as a lying, racist, xenophobic sexist who had it out for his Black constituents. He frequently reminded us who he really was over the next 20 years.

Hello, My name is Bilal Ghassan Shakoor Morris. Why I am telling you my entire name will become more important later. Like every adult in America, I, too, have a 9/11 story.

New data shows a racial divide when it comes to how historical events are viewed.

It’s been a full nine years since the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers. Controversy surround the rebuilding of the site continues with the most recent Mosque debate. Despite people’s different views the site looks remarkably different that it has ever looked and it set to be built on soon.