Race Matters

Sesame Place invited Jodi Brown and the two Black girls who were snubbed by an employee back to the park. They rejected the offer.

Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed the discrimination claims against Sesame Place by penning a letter to the CEO in hopes of sparking change.

One of the Black little girls on the "racist" viral video at Sesame Place has been traumatized.

The Sesame Street-themed amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is now under even more fire after a viral video showed a costumed character from the beloved show ignoring two young Black girls during a parade.

Race Matters

Sesame Place did offer an explanation—just not one people are likely to buy.


Aviral video posted to social media showed an older white woman being accused of telling another woman to go back where she came from while they were surrounded by children at an amusement park in Pennsylvania.