Black women are ensnared by interlocking social structures that render them single for far longer than they intend, with fewer intraracial dating options, theologian and author Ekemini Uwan writes.

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Too many people want to diagnose what is wrong with the Single Black successful female. Unfortunately, the problem is that being single is apparently not acceptable and dating for appearance is what we should be doing to make others feel comfortable. I’m a college-educated Black female in my 30s with a great career. I’ve never […]

We hear so much about college-educated, money-making sistas being unable to get a man. It’s like black women are more likely to share a latte with First Lady Michelle Obama in the middle of Times Square than they are to catch a decent black man in their own hometown, if you let the stat monkeys […]

With Social Security possibly on the chopping block in debt talks in Washington, a report reveals that single, elderly, African-American women will be further driven into poverty. According to the National Women’s Law Center’s analysis of Current Population Survey data shows that if chained CPI, a Social Security COLA is cut, the median benefit for […]