Twitter exploded today with images of two very different baby sling packages, both manufactured by Baby K’Tan. In one image, a Black mother is featured with her baby in the sling; in the other, a White woman is featured with her baby in the sling as well. The difference? The White woman has a smiling […]

Hallmark’s Mahogany Brand creates greeting cards specifically designed for African-American consumers. For this Father’s Day, they created 66 culturally relevant designs for African-Americans, and a few of these celebrated Black mothers. With 2 out of 3 Black homes solely ran by an African-American women, was Hallmark’s decision a good business choice, or an insult to […]

National (TheRoot)– Forty-four-year-old Cassandra Jackson recently returned home to Chicago from Memphis, Tenn., in hopes of upgrading her quality of life and beating the odds faced by so many single African-American mothers: finding a job.

From Black America Web: It’s almost Mother’s Day, when husbands lavish the women who gave them children with jewelry, chocolates and flowers, symbols of love and gratitude for all they do. And they also make sure their little ones do something to make Mommy feel special and appreciated.