The mother was not informed until after charges were filed.


The four individuals accused of kidnapping and attacking a special needs teen in Chicago will not receive bond.

Several Flint, Michigan parents sue school officials for providing inadequate services to their children. They allege that exposure to the city's lead-contaminated water has caused learning disabilities and behavioral problems for many children.


A Georgia grandmother is demanding answers after her grandson with special needs was allegedly found hanging by his belt from the chalkboard as a form of punishment administered by his teacher, reports the New York Daily News. Tracy Davis says the principal at Shoal Creek Elementary School in Conyers, Georgia found the 5-year-old in the disturbing […]

A report says NYC's Education Department fails to meet the special education needs of thousands of students. The report blames the city's faulty multi-million-dollar tracking system.

A new Texas law mandates the installation of surveillance cameras in special education classrooms when requested. However, some parents and school officials have some concerns.

The Chicago mother of a special needs child is demanding answers after she discovered him covered in a black trash bag at school

Marie Holmes (pictured) is one very lucky lady!  The mother of four just happened to be one of Wednesday’s HUGE Powerball winners, and will share the $564 million jackpot. Holmes’ reported cut from the mega winnings will be a not-too-shabby $188 million before taxes, according to WGN-TV. The 26-year-old Wilmington, North Carolina woman, who has […]

Lakaisha Reid (pictured) is fit to be tied. The mom of six-year-old Patrick (pictured) is upset that her special needs child was allegedly handcuffed by a special resource officer at his Stone Mountain, Georgia elementary school for misbehaving. The handcuffs were so tight they left visible bruises on the boy’s wrists according to photos from local […]


Somehow, 15-year-old Nashaly Perez Rodriguez went missing from her special-needs school in the middle of the day. According to reports, Nashaly has “severe emotional problems” and  walked out of Lillian L. Rashkis School in Brooklyn on Monday. Police say she was wearing a white bandanna, a red blouse, black jeans and red and black sneakers. The New York Times […]