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Herschel Walker‘s son, Christian Walker, is a funny guy in a sad kind of way, isn’t he? By now, many of you have seen the video he recorded while approaching singer Kehlani at a Starbucks because she apparently told a barista that he’s an ahole. If you haven’t seen it yet, just look at this self-loathing nonsense.

“Everyone’s entitled to an opinion—you’re so rude, or you wouldn’t be telling barista workers that I’m an a–hole,” Walker high-pitch squealed before approaching the car. “Get your drink and go away. I can have an opinion like everybody else. Why are you entitled to an opinion and not me…You’re the a–hole. Get your drink and go.”

First of all, it’s about time we address a strawman argument that for far too long, has been perpetuated by right-wingers, hoteps, pseudo-intellectuals and people online who distance themselves from their despicable hot takes by captioning their posts, “Thoughts?”

Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion—but no one is stopping you from having an opinion by criticizing you for your opinion. They’re literally just exercising the same right to an opinion that you have. And yet, every time some conservative idiot gets dragged on social media for their opinion, they start whining about “free speech” and how they’re being persecuted by, well, other people who are entitled to an opinion and use their own free speech to express it. 

Kehlani also has an opinion. It’s her opinion that Christain Walker is an a—hole. Kehlani expressing her opinion to a random Starbucks employee (or anyone for that matter) isn’t infringing on Walker’s right to an opinion. 

Now, let’s move on to Walker’s caption.

“This mediocre singer that everyone’s forgotten about, Kehlani, told my baristas at Starbucks that I was an ‘a**hole’ and to be ‘safe around me,’” he wrote. “Well, I set her straight.”

I’m not sure how the least intimidating person in the history of people literally no one is afraid of thinks he set anyone straight especially since his own Twitter thread is full of people clowning this pitiful display of clout-chasing he thinks makes him look like the good guy. Secondly, he called Kehlani a “mediocre singer,” but just a few years ago, he was a fan.

Christian had his defenders, of course, but the ratio fell overwhelmingly in Kehlani’s favor.

Also, Christian might want to chill when it comes to attacking any celebrity’s relevance. Besides the fact that when you Google “Christian Walker,” the first title that comes up is “Herschel Walker’s son,” a popular response to anything that gets Walker’s name trending is“Who?”

Apparently, Kehlani didn’t just start badmouthing Christian out of the blue. In fact, the “Good Life” singer explained that she watched him harass employees while recording himself complaining about all the Pride flags around the establishment, which is weird since, well—I’ll just let Kehlani tell it. 

“He proceeds to get to the little order-box thing, and is clearly harassing whoever’s behind the order-box,” Kehlani said. “I felt like, ‘Oh, this man is about to come up to the window and harass all of these workers.’” That’s when she said she spoke to them.

“They were like, ‘Yeah, I know that kid.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s a f–king a–hole,’ because I’ve just watched him be an a–hole for the last 10 minutes,” she said.

From Billboard:

Walker had posted videos to Instagram Stories Wednesday in which he’s doing what Kehlani described, yelling about “these flags from hell” and how “Pride Month ended 13 days ago.” He continues in another clip, “I’m going to ask them if they need me to frickin’ deliver an American flag.”

So, yeah—maybe he’s just an a—hole.


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