Statistics show that cardiac arrest poses a significant risk, particularly among Black athletes, making Bronny James lucky to be alive.

Police Brutality

News stories in recent week have directed the public’s attention toward the issues of police brutality and domestic violence. It’s perhaps natural then that researchers are looking into the intersection of the two with, some would say, shocking results. It turns out that rates of domestic violence are two to four times higher in the law-enforcement […]


The Wonkblog over at the Washington Post has a pretty interesting write-up of new research from the Public Religion Research Institute. In a study of race and friendship, PRRI found that a large majority (75 percent) of whites have “entirely white social networks without any minority presence.” And, for what it’s worth, the same holds true for less than two thirds of Blacks. […]

Cross Post Now

This year marks 50 years since Freedom Summer, when nearly 1,000 volunteers travelled throughout the southern United States to register black Americans to vote. Many stories are remembered and taught about the importance of that event in American history, but the impact of Freedom Summer can also be measured by the numbers. We broke down Freedom Summer from the amount of […]