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Education is one of the topics that must be addressed by both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, because it is what many consider to be the “great equalizer” in America. As many of NewsOne Now’s viewers know, Roland Martin and the University of Phoenix are committed to promoting initiatives that further academic achievement. Martin caught […]


Former Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty (pictured left) and Steve Jobs’ billionairess widow Laurene Powell (pictured right) were spotted sunning and funning together this weekend in the Caribbean, the Daily Mail reports. Though the two have reportedly been dating since the summer of 2013, these are the first photos of their simmering romance released. In fact, […]

In a new biography of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, author Walter Isaacson reveals that Jobs had a tense relationship with President Barack Obama. Jobs disagreed with the way Obama was handling regulating companies as well as the way he was handling the education crisis. He also told the president he was on the road to […]

Steve Jobs’ death has instantaneously raised the public’s awareness of pancreatic cancer. Other notables have lost the battle against pancreatic cancer, including Patrick Swayze in 2009, legendary saxophonist James Moody last year, and former civil rights leader Reverend James Bevel this year. It was once rumored that Aretha Franklin suffered from pancreatic cancer before she […]

With the death of Steve Jobs shocking not only the technology world, but the world as a whole, several employees here at InteractiveOne decided to take the time out to speak about the impact Jobs had on their lives. In this video, you will hear the heartfelt words of Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright, Art […]

Hellobeautiful Editorial Director Leigh Davenport took the time to write about her love for Apple products and on the impact Steve Jobs death had on her. Check out an excerpt from the piece below: Steve Jobs didn’t just create products, he created consumer identities.  Sure, he changed the way we listen to music, chat on […]

A new article on TheGrio by Goldie Taylor talks about the impact that Steve Jobs had on not only her life, but the lives of African Americans as a whole. Taylor talks about her time in Silicon Valley and how his name rang bells wherever she went. Check out the piece below: By the time […]

With the passing of Steve Jobs, many are focusing on the products he’s produced while at Apple and the impact that it has had on billions across the world. But what many are forgetting are the great quotes that Jobs left us with while he was here. Here are the Top 10 Inspirational Steve Jobs […]

NEW YORK — Steve Jobs had no formal schooling in engineering, yet he’s listed as the inventor or co-inventor on more than 300 U.S. patents. These are some of the significant products that were created under his direction: 1. Apple I (1976) – Apple’s first product was a computer for hobbyists and engineers, made in […]

President Obama issued a statement in full last night after he learned of the death of Steve Jobs: Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and […]

BANGKOK — From the titans of high technology to teenagers armed with iPads, millions of people around the world mourned digital-gadget genius Steve Jobs as a man whose wizardry transformed their lives in big ways and small. Google, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft – corporate giants that have all been bruised in dustups with Jobs’ baby, the […]

Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs on Wednesday resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc in a stunning move at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage. The 55-year-old Apple co-founder and pancreatic cancer survivor has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since January 17. Apple said Steve Jobs has been elected chairman […]