In an apparent trend, Byron Donalds is the latest Republican running for Speaker of the House who has a checkered past.

Rep. Steve King came under fire for a thinly veiled racist remark about Hurricane Katrina victims.

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“When I was a member of the C.I.A., I knew who my enemies were,” Rep. Will Hurd said jokingly to Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now.” “If I can navigate the back allies of Pakistan, I can figure out how to get under the tunnels of the Capitol.” Former member of the C.I.A and newly […]

More often than not in America, it’s perfectly fine to be in support of or facilitator for policies that perpetuate White supremacy so long as you aren’t directly linked to direct expressions of racism. That, more than anything, is the root of Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise’s (pictured center) current troubles in the fallout of it being revealed that he […]


Advisers confirmed on Monday that while serving as an elected official in 2002, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House majority whip, spoke at an event hosted by white-supremacist leaders, the Washington Post reports. SEE ALSO: Poll: President Obama, Hillary Clinton Are Most Admired Americans Cosby Allegedly Hires Investigators To Discredit Accusers [VIDEO] Idris Elba On James […]