What Is stop-and-frisk and how it has been used in Philadelphia? Criminologists say it can be constitutional and useful if carefully controlled.

The Texas law would legalize detaining suspected undocumented migrants.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' solution to a rise in gun violence in NYC is to unleash a previously-dismantled special plainclothes police unit that has been accused of racial profiling to target guns and street gangs.

Mike Bloomberg's racist legacy of stop and frisk galvanized Democrats against the former New York City mayor's debate debut in Las Vegas just days ahead of the Nevada Caucuses.

Here's a list of Michael Bloomberg's most racist quotes through the years as he campaigns to win the Democratic nomination to face Donald Trump on Election Day in November.


The presidential candidate definitely has a problematic history.

Michael Bloomberg’s surging support with Black voters has been decidedly tempered by the resurfacing of racist audio from a speech he gave five years ago.


Following his lies about "stop and frisk" and endless pandering, Michael Bloomberg proposed a new initiative during MLK weekend to earn Black people's support.

Revising history (read: lying) is nothing new for presidential candidates, but Michael Bloomberg may have reached a new low when he lied about criticism of his racist "stop and frisk" police policy.


Critics of an initiative to stop fare evasion say residents living in poverty are punished and harkens back to New York's so-called Broken Windows policing that helped foster the mass criminalization of nonviolent Black and brown people.

D.C. police handcuff an innocent Black child.