Good News

Kevin Richardson of the Exonerated Five was recently awarded an honorary degree from Syracuse University.


They face punishment for speaking out against racism on campus.


Student pressure results in first steps to meaningful change.


Racist attacks have seemingly exceeded hashtags on social media. In fact, news of such attacks seem to be paired with an unfortunate combination of fury and predicability. Interestingly, following unwavering sit-in protests by members of the student body and an epic united front, a majority of the proposed demands to ensure the safety of those […]


The university attempts to address a longstanding issue.

Good News

A new Syracuse University scholarship named after the Exonerated Five’s Kevin Richardson will support the education of Black and Latinx students.

Syracuse University frat members suspended over a racist video returned to school before their suspension is finished.

Theta Tau claimed the video was "satire."

'Satire' must be the latest excuse for racism.


The new legislation will allow civil rights cold cases that happened prior to 1970 to be reopened.

A medical examiner has determined more tests would be needed to find out the cause of death of a Syracuse University student who was found unresponsive in her hotel room over the weekend. Twenty-one-year-old Sabrina Cammock was found dead at Hotel Edison in New York Sunday morning. The student was in the city celebrating Spring Break […]