Kenya has hosted the world’s first albino beauty pageant to help combat the persecution albinos face in many East African nations including Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Malawi. In certain African nations, albino people face persecution and even death from communities who fear them.

On Monday, First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured center left) flew in to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to meet with First Lady Salma Kikwete (pictured center right), visit a bomb memorial, and then watch a performance by youth dance group Baba wa Watoto. RELATED: First Lady Takes Her Message Of Hard Work To Students In South […]

Several outraged AIDS activists in Tanzania have denounced some local school administrators for forcing HIV-positive students to wear special uniforms adorned with red ribbons, according to a BBC news report. SEE ALSO: Teacher Sued For Ordering Girl To Pee In Bucket Mohammed Lukema, the headmaster of Kibaha Primary School in the country’s largest city Dar es […]

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — A military ammunition depot in Tanzania’s largest city blew up overnight in a series of explosions that leveled homes, killed at least 25 people and wounded about 145 others. Thousands ran for their lives, and 200 children have been unable to find their parents. RELATED: Top 9 music videos of […]

TANZANIA- A video of a young Tanzanian boy named Alex enthusiastically telling the storyline from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1985 movie “Commando” is being used by Mama Hope for their “Stop The Pity, Unlock The Potential Campaign” to stop stereotypes about all African children being AIDS victims or child soldiers when they are actually bright, curious children […]