Niger Innis, the Executive Director of the and CORE National spokesperson, was critical of the #BlackLivesMatter movement during a media appearance. Innis was a guest of’s The Hard Line with Ed Berliner and called members of the movement “anarchists” and “socialists” before packing on a conspiracy-heavy angle. Innis began by answering Berliner’s question […]

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One of my favorite book series is Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.” They include her books “Interview with a Vampire,” “The Vampire Lestat,” and “Queen of the Damned,” among others.  These stories sucked you right in. They are fun reads and fast paced. In these stories, you read of certain characters that are whispered about […]

By theGrio A conservative African American pastor who founded a Tea Party organization in South Central L.A., says he agrees with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich that many blacks lack a work ethic. The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson‘s solution: send them back to the plantation. SEE ALSO: Newt Gingrich, Back In The Game? Peterson explained […]

If capitalism had a mantra, it would not be, as we’d like to think, “survival of the fittest.” It would more likely be “a day’s work for a day’s pay.”

After the NAACP passed a resolution declaring the Tea Party to be a “racist” organization, Tea Party-backed Florida Congressional candidate Allen West held a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale to address the concerns of voters. He also wrote blog posts defending the Tea Party, while at the same time attacking the NAACP.

By RK Byers: In keeping with the tradition of the original Boston Tea Party, today’s Tea Party Patriots are on point in one respect: they’re just as dumb as their predecessors.

One of the most important unasked questions this midterm election year is this: “Will the youth vote be a factor in 2010?”

From Charles Butler, a black, Chicago-based conservative talk show host, has been in shouting matches and called a traitor to his race because of his affiliation with the largely white Tea Party movement. Lloyd Marcus, a black, Orlando, Fla.-based, conservative folk singer who wears a black panama hat, leather vest, white shirt and black […]

From Rush Limbaugh has written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal titled “Liberals and the Violence Card.”

if they're not, they're White Citizen's Council or some other batch of nuts!