Ted Nugent claimed Barack Obama 'literally reignited racism in America," during an appearance with Kyle Rittenhouse.


Twitter details the difference.

According to a new study, Muslims will globally outnumber Christians by the end of the century. The report also shows that within the United States, the amount of individuals who don’t associate with a particular faith will increase. “Demographics are an underappreciated force that is shifting the contours of faith,” said Pew demographer Conrad Hackett, who […]

Ted Nugent (pictured) has long proven himself to be nothing more than the Ku Klux Klan meets a fine arts class. That said, no one should be surprised that the rocker and racist who won’t admit he’s a racist continues to spew racial venom in the direction of President Barack Obama. Nugent, who is in […]


The “I’ll-be-dead-or-in-jail-if-Obama wins” Ted Nugent (pictured) has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t support President Barack Obama or Democrats. Still, in an odd attempt to curry favor with Black America’s issues, Nugent recently announced that his upcoming tour will be called “Black Power 2013,” according to World Net Daily. RELATED: Ted Nugent Wants Those On […]

Rock star and noted conspiracy theorist Ted Nugent (pictured) predicated that if President Barack Obama won re-election, he would either be dead or in jail. Thus far, he’s not asking anyone to see him at the crossroads. Instead, he’s continued to do what he’s always done: Offer grossly inaccurate assessments of political issues of the […]

Since the people working over at Team Romney enjoy scoring cheap political points via invented controversies, I hope Ted Nugent’s(pictured) recent comments about President Barack Obama offer them a much-needed reminder as to how quickly the tide can turn. SEE ALSO: Poll: Romney Catching Obama Speaking at the NRA’s national convention in St. Louis, the […]

Ted Nugent One of the scheduled speakers at Glenn Beck’s 8-28 “reclaim the civil rights movement” rally recently reportedly told an audience that he “like[d]” them because there were “a lot of white people.”*